Our Company’s Story

OUR chef has born in Hanoi city which have tons of small street food eateries. he grew up eating these street food from the small eateries and his mom's old family recipes.After he moved to Ireland, it always be his dream to open a vietnamese street restaurant to celebrate his rich culture and honor his momther's cooking. After years of practice,hard work really pay off, now in the heart of dublin,he open a vietnamese street food restaurant that sharing tasty vietnamese street food which bridging the gap between Dublin to Hanoi.

Why Vietnamese food is healthy ?

  • To keep you looking young
  • To boost your immune system and fight fatigue
  • To regulate blood sugar
  • To improve your digestion
  • For strong, healthy hair.
  • To avoid sugar.
  • To lose weight.

some of our products

best quality products

“JWe hand-pick all the ingredients in order to deliver the purest organic produce to our customers’ tables.”

Organic cereals
nuts & seeds
organic spices
gluten free food
Aromatic Herbs