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Which Part of Vietnam is our dishes come from?

Most of our dishes is made with tranditiaonal Hanoi style.Most popurlar Hanoi street food like Pho Buncha or Baguette.Bun bo Hue is the most famous dish from the Hue City.Let's not forget about com tam suon which is the most memorable dish from Saigon city.
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Our signature beverages such as vietnamese iced coffee, sugarcane juice will make your day fresh
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I Want What He is having

In May 2016,the president of United States Obama has his first visit to vietnam.During that visit,he has fall in love with vietnamese food, and Bun Cha has lead the way.The traditional Vietnamese dish consists of grilled pork served in dipping sauce, along with rice noodles and fresh herbs.Why not try if you have the same food taste as Mr predident

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“You don't need to travel to vietnam to have the most authentic vietnamese street food serve to your table“